National Margarita Day

National Margarita Day is 22nd February.  And while our American cousins get set to celebrate this zesty tequila cocktail, we see no reason why the great people of Britain shouldn’t get involved too.


Margaritaville, Key West

Our love of margaritas started during a trip to the USA back in 2012.  While on a walkabout in Key West we stumbled across Margaritaville for the first time and could hardly walk on by without partaking in a frozen cocktail… or two.  When in Rome, and all that.  We ended up back in a Margaritaville in Las Vegas a few days later where we drank until we got brain freeze.

Back in the UK we picked up some margarita glasses from John Lewis and set about perfecting our home-made margaritas.  And we were doing just fine until we discovered something that changed things forever.

AquaRiva Cleo bottle shot (2310x3000)

Cleo Rocos and her 100% Agave AquaRiva Tequila

Christmas 2013, we received a wonderful little book called “The Power of Positive Drinking” by the utterly fabulous Cleo Rocos.  In the book, Cleo explains how to party well and avoid a hangover by making the right choice of alcoholic drink.  Above all things, it’s important to keep hydrated and avoid drinks full of sugars and additives that will exacerbate any recovery the morning after.

When it comes to Positive Drinking, Cleo’s flagship cocktail is the Positive Drinking Margarita.  Minor adjustments to the traditional recipe make for a much friendlier version: the sugar content is vastly reduced by avoiding liqueurs and sweet & sour mixes and there is no salt on the rim of the glass.

AquaRiva Organic Agave Syrup voted best by Spirits Business Magazine

If you really want to drink positively, it’s important that you invest in the right ingredients.  Choose a tequila that is made from 100% agave, such as Ocho or Cleo’s own AquaRiva.  We’ll post more about tequila another time but for now suffice it to say that if the bottle you’re browsing doesn’t say “100% Agave” on it then don’t buy it – it could contain all manner of hidden ingredients, including corn syrup.

We asked Cleo about the development of her tequila and its use in the Margarita cocktail:

“It is so great to see more bartenders using 100% agave tequilas as a house pour. It is always a sign of a good bar who cares about their customers. I spent 10 months creating my AquaRiva 100% agave tequila brand, in the Highlands of Mexico with a master blender. The Highlands tequilas are with more of a floral and citrus flavour compared to the Low lands which have a more vegetable and root flavour. The Positive Margarita is the perfect cocktail with a clean balance of sweet and sour.” – Cleo Rocos

Finally, use 100% agave syrup to sweeten your drink and it will help you stave off a hangover. Deviating from the original recipe may sound like less fun but, trust us, once you try this new recipe you’ll never go back.  We have, in the past, successfully drunk these all evening and not suffered a hangover the next day. Try it yourself if you are in any doubt!

AquaRiva_Positive Margarita with bottle

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