When the Tension Goes

Date: 8 May 2019

Time: 1900-2030

Price: £7.50

You know those times when you get in after a long day and things just grate on you? The music’s not right, the cushions aren’t straight, you’re out of bread. Things that don’t really matter but do really matter when you’re tired or twitchy. Then, after a cuppa, or something to eat, or a glass of wine, it’s OK again. When the tension goes.


This event focuses on how to reach and sustain that level of acceptance of what really matters. That feeling of it’s OK.


By joining, you’ll understand the difference between self-care, self-worth and self-compassion. While these words may sound soft and fluffy, we’ll discuss how this type of personal development isn’t fluffy at all, it’s tough. You will leave inspired, calm and clear about how to make self-compassion a part of your everyday success.


Maureen Bowes is a qualified Executive Coach and Leadership Mentor who specialises in emotional intelligence. In recent years she has worked with leaders in education on building resilience. From this work, she has explored how self-compassion is pivotal not only to resilience but to well-being and personal effectiveness.


Maureen’s concerns about the impact on people’s lives of increasingly complex demands in our society have driven her to offer ways of making self compassion part of everyday life. In the spirit of contributing, empowering and keeping things simple, she has created a website whenthetensiongoes.com for the greater good, not for profit.

Take a look. Give it a go. Come along and find out more.


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