The Book Group: Meet Anna Mazzola

Date: 12 March 2019

Time: 1930-2100

Price: £5

This month, the Book Group is welcoming Anna Mazzola to join us and talk about her work.

Anna will be reading from her novel, “The Story Keeper”.

Anna Mazzola is a writer who, due to some fault of her parents, is drawn to peculiar and dark historical subjects. Her debut novel, The Unseeing, which won an Edgar award, is based on the life of a real woman called Sarah Gale who was convicted of aiding a murder in London in 1837. Her second novel, The Story Keeper, was published in July 2018 and follows a folklorist’s assistant as she searches out dark fairytales and stolen girls on the Isle of Skye in 1857.

Anna studied English at Pembroke College, Oxford, before accidentally becoming a human rights and criminal justice solicitor. She now tries to combine law with writing, to varying degrees of success. She lives in South London with two small children, two cats and one husband.

Anna has recommended we discuss The Birds by Daphne du Maurier in our April Book Group.

About ‘The Story Keeper’

A dark tale of folklore and disappearances on the Isle of Skye.

Audrey Hart travels to Skye and to the mansion of a reclusive folklorist to collect the folk and fairy tales of the local people. It is 1857, the Highland Clearances have left devastation and poverty, and the crofters are suspicious and hostile, claiming they no longer know their stories.

Then Audrey discovers the body of a young girl washed up in the bay beneath Lanerly, and the crofters reveal that it is only a matter of weeks since another girl disappeared. They believe the girls are victims of the restless dead: spirits who take the form of birds.

At first, Audrey suspects that the girls are being abducted, but as events accumulate she begins to wonder if something else is at work. Something which may be linked to the death of her own mother, many years before.

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