The Book Group: “Birds” by Daphne du Maurier & Film Screening

Date: 02 April 2019

Time: 1930-2230

Price: Free

This month the Book Group is discussing “The Birds” by Daphne du Maurier.

Please note that the author will not be attending this book discussion!

About the Birds

How long he fought with them in the darkness he could not tell, but at last the beating of the wings about him lessened and then withdrew . . . ‘

A classic of alienation and horror, ‘The Birds’ was immortalised by Hitchcock in his celebrated film. The five other chilling stories in this collection echo a sense of dislocation and mock man’s sense of dominance over the natural world. The mountain paradise of ‘Monte Verità’ promises immortality, but at a terrible price; a neglected wife haunts her husband in the form of an apple tree; a professional photographer steps out from behind the camera and into his subject’s life; a date with a cinema usherette leads to a walk in the cemetery; and a jealous father finds a remedy when three’s a crowd . . .

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