Sinister Soiree of Gothic Victoriana

Date: 01 November 2017

Time: 19:30-21:30

Price: £35

This year we break with tradition and forego our usual ghoulish walking tour of Winchester, to bring you a very special and exclusive Hallowe’en event… one that may just well leave you squealing with either delight or horror.


We invite you to start your evening with a warm gin punch and a slice of gingerbread. This is how our favourite juniper spirit would have been enjoyed back in the 18th century when the weather turned foul and we think, while not strictly Victorian, it could be just what you need to warm your cockles as we settle down for the evening.


As the darkness descends, we’ll be joined by two darkly spectral characters. The Goose and The Crow have been entertaining gentlefolk for the past 167 years. They perform a collection of songs that they have hatched and nurtured themselves and others that they have collected on their travels. Expect the unexpected as you listen to their dark, twisting musings on humanity.


We’ll serve you cheese and port to fortify yourselves while we read to you from our favourite Gothic writers. And then, if our frayed nerves can bear it, we’ll be plunged into a second performance by the Goose and the Crow… And if you need more Dutch Courage, drinks will of course be available to purchase throughout the evening.

Please beware: the Goose and the Crow are harbingers of darkness. Their lyrics are not for the faint hearted and most certainly not for the easily offended.

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